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Jumat, 13 April 2012

Trik to See Someone's Personality from His Favorite Color

It turns out we can also find out someone's personality from his favorite color, favorite color, but do not match the color of clothing or furniture which is always worn every day.favorite color is the color that is personally well-liked.

Favorite Color Black

People who like black people who are ignorant and do not think about what people say against him. For her home she was comfortable she will do whatever they like. In the association they are pretty fun to make friends as it can provide solutions in the problems of his friends.

Favorite Color White

Buff white color is the type of person who is sincere in everything and if they do not like being lied to and for their honesty is number one. In addition, they are usually somewhat closed, they had few close friends whom they can confide in, but they would be a good place to vent to all his friends.

Favorite Color Yellow

Basically people who love the bright colors have properties cheerful, optimistic and cheerful. If there's something wrong with him, he will try to change it as soon as possible.Too great curiosity, for its spontaneity.

Favorite Color Red

Red enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the fun and love to live there. On the other hand, it is easy to feel bored because it's the most like the red finish everything quickly. Outline, buff red color is the one who has the enthusiasm and zest for life are high.

Favorite color Gray

He is like the color gray was the type who tends to pull away from people's attention, and do not like active activities directly. Because it is in doubt, it is often decided on something until the last moment.

Favorite Color Pink / Pink

Fan of pink color is a sensitive, friendly and has a sweet personality. 
He was very fond childhood fun and desire a romantic life.Favorite color Brown

Buff color of chocolate have properties that are not grounded or artificial. He is a friend who can be expected and very loyal. Home and family is the most important thing for him, and of course comfort is a major factor in the Green hidupnya.Warna FavoritesFans of the green color is the type of people who crave a sense of security and want to create a better world for others. It also has properties in a set time wise and life goals.
But when it comes to important issues, who loved the green color can be stiff.Favorite Color Purple

Lovers of the color purple is a negotiator who had a strong desire to please themselves and others. Although generally well liked, it is not easy to be open and like to enjoy a little mysterious.

Favorite color Orange

He is like color it was an open, dynamic and fun to be around. Naturally, he has a flamboyant character or is not boring, so no problem for him to look different. He also has excellent taste in food and survival.

Favorite Color Blue

Blue fans are the type who is calm, orderly and credible. He also greatly appreciate the loyalty to one other. Some types of blue color has a different character. Blue sky represents the type of person who likes fun and relaxed life, while the navy blue (blue sky at night) describe the nature of the serious and conservative.

how do you think? is that true?? write tour comment?

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